Walking and Exercise

Exercise, exercise and exercise – these are the three most important factors in animal health and well-being! From private walks, group exercise at the park, equestrian arena work, or just a free flight around the house, Urban Herd can ensure your animal’s physical needs are met.


Urban Herd Dog Walking - Animal and Pet Walking and Exercise Programs

Program Options

Our trained handlers will walk or run your dog, throw a stick in park or simply provide exercise options at your home for your pet. From 30 minutes to 1 hour, or even a full day of personal training, we keep all animals in top shape or help them lose weight if desired through physical and mental stimulation.

Services for dogs:

  • Group Walks (up to 4)
  • Outdoor Play Sessions
  • Mobile Day Care Service
  • Puppy Training Walks
  • One on One Behavioural Walks
  • Socialisation Sessions
  • High Energy Release Runs
  • Swimming Rehabilitation

Services for horses:

  • Private walks/rides
  • Outdoor sessions
  • Arena work

How Does Regular Exercise Help Your Pet?

Every animal needs exercise and a break from their daily routine to keep them happy and healthy. Regular walks reduce their boredom and stress, help loosen up joints, reduce digestive issues and help them maintain a healthy weight which decreases the risk of developing other health problems in the future.

Exercise also helps control behavioural problems. Pets that are not given an outlet for energy may develop destructive habits like chewing, scratching, or digging, be hyperactive, jump on people, or even start raiding your garbage bins. Daily activities with your pet can prevent these behaviours and keep your home a happy place.

But What If You Don’t Have Time?

We totally understand!

Unfortunately, not everyone has time to maintain a regular training routine with their furry friends, so let us help you! We can keep your pet healthy while you focus on what you need to do.


Urban Herd in Action!

Bob the Dog loves Anna. And so do we. Three years ago when I met Anna I had just moved to a little city house and my son moved to his own place - my big concern was Bob the dog being alone. I need not have worried. Anna takes Bob out every day and he has the perfect life. And Anna is just wonderful. Of course my son has returned home now! But I wouldn't dream of parting Anna from Bob - she is the excitement in his little spoodle day.

Thank you Urban Herd,
Penny & Bob xx
Lovely team. Our dog Harry comes home very very happy and exhausted after his mobile day care session!

Lucy & Harry
I have tried a number of different dog walkers and these guys are by far the best!!

Most other dog walkers just took our puppy to an off lead park and let her run riot – undoing all the time and effort we were putting into her training at home.

Urban Herd are different; they listen to your concerns, provide feedback on your dogs behaviour and work with you to reinforce training so you end up with a better behaved dog.

Their behavioural sessions were also very useful!

I can’t recommend these guys enough.

Alexandra Gol and Bianka
Our dog Alba absolutely adores Anna. We get regular text updates and photos from and Anna is always extremely helpful. We also used Anna to assist with some doggy behavioural problems - she is very knowledgeable and gave us some great ideas on how to tackle our dogs issue.

Glen & Alba

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