Medical Care

We know that animals are just as prone to accidents and illnesses as we are.

In some cases, your pet may require multiple medical consultations, ongoing treatment and follow up visits. We understand that this isn’t always convenient, and it can be tricky to balance your schedule around these commitments.

We can help! Urban Herd’s transport and in-home vet follow-up services are Urban Herd’s solution to this problem.

Bandaged dog - Pet and animal medical care

How Can We Assist You?

When your animal requires complex post-vet or surgery care, our professionally trained team can come to you and simplify the process. From wound dressing and medicating, to injections or sample collections, we will ensure that all vet requirements are professionally met, in a timely and cost efficient manner.

We will even attend the vet appointment on your behalf or simply visit your sick animal when you can’t be there during the day.

Services include:

  • Specialised transport to and from vet clinic
  • At home medical visits
  • Wound dressing
  • Administering medication and injections
  • Specialised medical bathing
  • Welfare monitoring
  • Sample collection

Nothing is more heart-breaking than when your best friend is ill, so you can rest assured that they are always in great hands with our team by their side.

Urban Herd in Action!

Our cat Lil Manz, has diabetes with ever fluctuating health requirements. This means twice daily injections as well as regular health checks. We searched everywhere for someone to who had the right skills to look after him so we could go on a holiday. We found Urban Herd and they were wonderful! Anna came over and we stepped through all of his requirements and we knew she understood the critical level of care he needed.

Bec and Lil Manz
Molly the Cavoodle was born with displaced hips. She had to have surgery on both her back legs to re-align them which resulted in cage rest for 6 weeks, something that is very challenging for a young energetic pup. During this time Urban Herd looked after her to ensure she received the mental stimulation, massage, medication and social interaction so she recovered rapidly and maintained a healthy mind during this difficult period.
How Do You Book This Service? Given this this is a very tailored and specific offering, it’s best to speak directly to our team, so we can discuss your options and what services you require. Medical cases are very specific and require expert care, so give us a call or email us so we can work in the best interest of both you and your urban pet. Submit an enquiry or Call Us And we will be in contact about the next steps.