Domestic and International Travel

One of our most popular services is transporting animals internationally and domestically.

We are the only transport business with a team who focuses on the behavioural and psychological well-being of pet relocation so that your furry or feathered friend has a safe and pleasant trip. That’s our difference.

We understand that this can be a nervous, highly particular and demanding request, however at Urban Herd, we specialise in ensuring your pet’s care and comfort during the entire trip!

You can trust us with your precious pets when it comes to travel because transporting your animal is as important to us as it is to you.

 In addition, we have an internal Accredited Customers Broker who can personally clear animals through customs and quarantine, along with a global network of agents so no third parties are required.

Planning on Travelling Overseas or Moving Interstate?

Whilst it’s easy enough to book a flight, it can be particularly complicated to ‘jump through all the hoops’ required to ensure all of the strict legal and health requirements are met both in Australia and overseas. That’s not to mention ensuring the safety and comfort of your animals during the process.

Urban Herd works with a whole range of different animal species to make the move completely stress free for you and your animal. This way, you can focus on the enjoyment of your holiday or the relocation process for the rest of your family.

What We Look After For You

Urban Herd offers you a range of services to support your pets’ itinerary to make the journey more comfortable for them, as well as more practical and convenient for you.

Don’t worry about all of the complicated paperwork and legal requirements involved with relocating your pet long-distance. We can do it all for you, including:

  • Customs Requirements
  • Quarantine Legalities
  • Veterinary procedures and Health advice
  • Legal requirements for all countries
  • Logistics both air and ground
  • Pre-flight training programs to ease anxiety – unique to Urban Herd
  • Airline approved transportation containers

Our in-house Customs Broker and Freight Forwarders have direct access to superior transport options to offer you personalised services that are tailored to your animal’s behavioural needs. This will make sure they are in optimal health when they depart, during the move, and upon arrival.

They are never placed in a jam packed transport vehicle with a range of other stressed animals. Instead, your pet is personally handled one on one by an animal relocation professional throughout the whole process. They travel in luxury vehicles and spend as little time as possible in their travel crates. We even sit with them at the airport until they are loaded, so they have a familiar face by their side the whole way!

Consider Urban Herd’s way of travelling the equivalent of first class for your animals!


Pet and Animal International and Domestic Travel - First Steps

What Are The First Steps?

Before your pet is able to travel longer distances, you are usually required to arrange the following two items:

  • Current Vaccinations and the corresponding certificate
  • A health check certificate from your Vet certifying that the animal is fit to travel

If you require assistance with these two requirements, please let us know when you contact us, so we can help you arrange them.

Speak to our team now about everything to do with animal travel.

Pet and Animal International and Domestic Travel - Nervous Traveller Info

Is Your Pet a Nervous Traveller?

You have nothing to worry about!

Urban Herd will personally train your pet in specific preparation for any type of travel to ensure they are comfortable, and their health and relaxation are maintained throughout their whole journey.

Urban Herd in Action!

“I came to Anna some months before we relocated from Sydney to London, initially for help in providing extra exercise with dog walks a couple of times a week. As it transpired Anna was also able to provide advice and support in relocating our two dogs to London.

Larry and Tippi warmed to Anna from day one, and to have her managing the process of flight bookings, transportation on arrival at Heathrow, vet checks, vaccinations, quarantine, and crate training was a huge relief. To have navigated that myself would have taken twice as long, and been an unnecessary stress. Knowing that Larry and Tippi would be well looked after and with someone they knew well right up until they were put on the flight was also reassuring. Anna collected them two days before they flew out. She took them into her home, exercised them, played with them, and prepared them for the journey ahead.

One month on I am pleased to report that they found the flight much easier than we had expected. Aside from a little jetlag Larry and Tippi were in high spirits when they arrived, and they have settled into their new home.

Thank you to Anna from Urban Herd for ensuring the safety of our little ones, and for your hard work and friendly advice along the way.”

Nathan Jones – Sydney
"We hired Anna from Urbanherd to transport my mum's beloved peacock from a property in remote country NSW to his new home at the Bateman's Bay Bird and Animal park.

Anna was a complete professional who had the technology to find mum's property by the property name, which was very helpful.

Anna came equipped with a custom made timber box to safely house the peacock in during the long drive to his new home. We were confident and our minds at ease that his best interests and welfare were front of mind.

I would not hesitate to recommend Anna for any animal transportation, whether it's a beloved pet or some stock en-route to the big farm in the sky.

We were pleasantly surprised to receive photos from Anna showing us scenery of the trip to Bateman's Bay and the peacock safely travelling there."

Many thanks,
Thank you thank you thank you Anna for all your wonderful advice, planning and training over the last few months - our beloved dog Harry arrived safe and sound after his long haul flight from Sydney to London. He is back to his crazy spaniel self and adjusting to the cold. We have been thoroughly impressed with your personal and tailored service and won't hesitate in recommending Urban Herd to our family and friends in Australia.

Best wishes,
Helen & Nathan Ellis
It was such a pleasure working with Anna and Urban Herd on our recent relocation from Sydney to Hong Kong. Anna made what is a really stressful activity for both us and Bailey and Leo so much easier. She visited our home on many occasions to start our crate training, organised all of the paperwork required to bring the boys into Hong Kong and even arranged ground transport for us in HK to get the boys from the airport to our apartment. 

We all felt like we had known Anna for years, the boys felt very comfortable around her and she explained everything very well, so we knew what to expect through all parts of the process. We will definitely be using Urban Herd and Anna again when we relocate back.

I have attached a pic of Bailey and Leo snuggling in their new home in Hong Kong. 

Thanks Anna you are the BEST
My wife and I were moving overseas with our Jack Russell Terrier. I met Anna of Urban Herd through a recommendation from my trusted vet to engage her services to make this transition for us smooth. Anna was fantastic and put a lot of time and effort into preparing our dog for the long 14 hour flight with crate training sessions. Anna arranged all the paperwork, customs documents, vet visit and purchasing of the correct sized crate and flight ticket. Our dog in general had anxiety over traveling in cars. Anna’s delicate approach to training allowed him to overcome that fear, and following her exercises with climatising him to the crate, the trip went smoothly. Anna picked him up early on the day of our flight and exercised him prior to the flight and kept him company all the way until boarding. Anna had arranged for him to be delivered to our home, and he arrived in a happy mood and all washed. I highly recommend Anna for her professionalism, dedication and attention to detail.

Jeff and Oscar
Urban Herd helped me move my three cockatiels from Sydney to Perth when I needed to relocate for work. Anna has a genuine interest in the welfare of animals and a great understanding of behaviour. Other pet shipping services I contacted had little or no experience with birds. With her assistance, the whole process was an absolute breeze. She took care of all the required paperwork for moving pets interstate and arranged all of the flight details. She looked after my birds while I was setting up my new home, and sent them over only when I was ready for them. My birds arrived happy and in great shape and have settled in nicely. I was very pleased with the level of direct contact with Anna throughout the whole process. I would recommend Urban Herd to anyone interested in moving birds interstate.

Phil Allen
Urban Herd helped move my parrot Lola from Mackay to Brisbane, with the highest regard for her wellbeing and was very thorough with organising the transport. I strongly recommend Anna Felton's personal and professional services.

Daniel Hanson

How Do You Book This Service?

Travelling interstate or overseas with an animal requires a lot of preparation time, so it’s advisable to notify us as soon as possible so we can help you make all the arrangements and prepare your pet for a safe and pleasant journey.

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