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Behaviour and Training Services For Your Pet

We work with all animals on all problems!

Are they displaying undesirable behaviour or doing something they’re not supposed to? The Urban Herd has a team of qualified training specialists who can work with your pet to correct any behavioural issue. From digging, howling, biting, kicking, aggression, lead pulling, reactivity or separation anxiety, we will tailor a positive re-enforcement program to help your pet overcome any problem.

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What Programs Do We Offer?

We get results every time.

Starting from basic dog obedience and puppy skills, to more complex species problems, we offer an effective and holistic approach to ensure we really get to the root of your pet’s issue.

We will come to your home and complete a full behavioural assessment of your pet in their own environment, looking at specific species’ needs as well as individual behaviour profiles. Then, our professional team will facilitate a tailored plan for your pet and be present throughout the whole process should your animal’s needs change.

Some of the Programs we include:

  • Behavioural Modification Session
  • Puppy Arrival Consults
  • Rescue Dog Settle-in Session
  • Separation Anxiety Management
  • Pre travel Anxiety Reduction Programs
  • Reactive Animal Training Program
  • Loose Leash Walking
  • Nutritional Behaviour Consultation
  • Socialisation 
  • Crate Training
  • Enrichment Programs
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But My Pet’s Needs Are Unique?

We understand that every animal is different, which is why we don’t believe in a ‘one method fits all’ approach.

Instead, we draw on many years of both domestic and wild behavioural work to best fit the program to suit your pet’s specific needs.

Our team has resolved some of the most complex problems, including over preening, screeching, self-mutilation, and an inability to shed skin (just to name a few!).

No behavioural issue is too complex- we love a challenge!

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Urban Herd in Action!

Anna & her crew always take such good care of my little 7yo Lenny dog. They took the time at the beginning to watch Lenny & learn about her, a reactive little rescue, and then really drew her into the herd. Now she is happy to play with so many other dogs - something i wouldn't have imagined possible 18 months ago, and she is so much more confident.

Anna knows so much cool stuff about the entire animal kingdom, being a zoologist. Her care is considered and informed, and she communicates very clearly so I am more confident around Lenny.

Anne has also given me some 1-1 lessons on training Lenny which have been really, really good and excellent value for money.

Jane and Lenny
Anna has been fantastic in helping us fix a few behaviour issues with our two Bengal cats, Vincent & Cleo, who previously were the best of friends. Anna has a very hands on approach which has been fantastic, helping us to train them in a stimulating yet fun way and introducing new food ideas and games. Anna is very informative and always follows up, she really cares about the outcome, which is rare. Thank you Anna for all your help so far.

Suzannah and the Bengals
This is Bonnie the black cat, formerly known as Bonnie the biting devil cat. Anna had a session with Bonnie and wrote an extensive action plan to stop her many, many, many behavioural issues and now she is vastly improved. Although, I have to admit, we've still not put her in a harness and taken her for a walk. She's also not supposed to sleep on our beds but as Anna kindly wrote in her report, "Bonnie is dominating her very diligent carers". Thanks to Anna, she's not anymore 🙂

Yvette and Bonnie
Anna was beyond helpful when we rescued Kevin from a shelter. At 4 months old he was highly reactive to other dogs, had trouble settling into our home, pulling on the lead and basically unfit to take anywhere in public as his anxiety in unfamiliar situations turned to aggression.

Anna came into our home with no judgement toward us and the way we had been doing things. She spent over an hour with me getting to know more about Kevin, his history, our interactions with him, the food he ate - basically everything!

She came back to me with an incredible plan to help him settle into our lives and equipped us with so many tools that resulted in him now being the friendliest, happiest dog at the dog park. His obedience improved exponentially and I couldn't be happier with his progress.

I cannot recommend Anna highly enough and have passed on her details to others who have had similar wonderful results with their own animals.

Zoe and Kevin
I have a dog who's been struggling with confidence on her street walks. She'd become very nervous and didn't want to walk anywhere anymore because she was so worried about the sounds of traffic and general street noise. Anna taught me clever and easily managed techniques to help foster her confidence again when I had absolutely no idea what to do myself. It was a great relief to find someone who could help. Thank you Anna!

Daisy and Emma
Our parrot Zorro became very unsettled when a new member of our family arrived. He began over preening, vocalising uncontrollably and showed signs of aggression towards our baby. Anna worked closely with our family to re-settle Zorro again, desensitise him to the changes and make behavioural modifications to make him feel secure and happy once again. She even helped with dietary changes to support the process and bring Zorro’s feathers back to perfect condition. Thank you!

Kylie and Zorro

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